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The sickness touched me


The sickness now has touched me, God,
and I am so afraid!
The pains, the fear I have to bear,
this load – it takes too long.

Where do I go? What will I be?
Nothing at all I know.
There is no way, nor there’s a door:
Do You leave me behind?

I cry to You, my Lord, my God,
all things are in Your hands,
take me away from this distress,
Your face stay turned towards me.

If there’s no-one to help me out,
when I am so forlorn,
to You I set my confidence.
With You all will be new.

A new beginning now will come,
I can’t imagine this.
With You a new life is announced,
where I will stay with You.


© 2014-05-07 Gisela Kibele

Die deutsche Fassung des Gedichts ist hier zu finden.

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