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Christmas – Long time ago

Long time ago, already passed and gone,
the unexpected wonder has begun.
Zechariah once announced in the Old Testament:
Your KING will come, bring peace without an end.

We’re living now in times confused by war,
how can we here prepare way for the LORD?
Surrounded by dark nights, we all are full of fear;
the LORD already started making tracks to here.

Soon will he come; he comes, that’s his promise,
breakes into pieces fears and our distress.
Approaching us with love an pity warm,
he’ll comfort us, protected in his arm.

The wonder still is small, we hardly may discern,
this tiny child accepts us as his own;
himself he’ll brighten our darkness with his light,
preserves our lives, goes into court himself.

Look here, how GOD presents to us his love these days,
he calls us all his children, and he stays.
At right time that’ll become quite obvious!
So we wish you great Christmas happiness!

©  2003   Gisela Kibele

Here you’ll find the link to these
Christmas wishes in German language.

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