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Sylvester – In these calm days

In these calm days between both years we’re living,
the old one leaving, breaking in the new,
LORD, now we pray to save and keep our souls,
as you did promise in your praised own WORD.

Now gone have pleasures and the sorrows,
to us presented by the year just passed,
and we may only guess how far tomorrow
a challenge comes, but soon we shall see clear.

LORD, would you bless us in these times of changes,
when we entrust to you by what we’re moved,
you by our side, LORD, we achieve the new year,
have confidence in your WORD to sustain.

© 27.10.2004     Gisela Kibele


Aus dem Gedicht entstand dieses Lied.

Dieses Gedicht ist auch in deutscher und französischer Sprache vorhanden.

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